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Merkabah & Chi Activation

In this procedure I help direct Chi (Life Force Energy) which i will ignite from within me, allowing this to travel into each of the chakras in turn and through the body's meridians.

At this stage you will be held and surrounded by the clear quartz crystal Merkabah ...

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Advanced Reiki is a powerful art that's been used for many years to identify the blockages and overactive chakra's, to help them flow in a natural spinning spirals. You have 7 main Chakra's which are associated with your organs and glands.

The negative effects can be difficult to release from t...

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Crystal Healing

In a Crystal Healing I will bring in the unique frequencies of many crystals and their vibrations, this is a powerful healing that can impact not only the psyche but your emotional, mental and physical bodies, too.

Sacred Geometry Chakra Alignments
Releasing & Manifestation Cere...

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Advanced Crystal Healing

A grid of twelve Crystal Skulls, with you being the thirteenth energetic frequency. This creates a powerful 3D matrix that creates powerful frequencies and can open up portals to higher realms and dimensions of consciousness. I will help bring love, wisdom and guidance ...

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Chakra Balancing

In this session you'll experience a powerful Advanced Reiki, to balance the energy fields which have become distorted from the stresses of life. This energetic healing process neutralises the root traumas that have been troubling you. I will help bring peace and harmony into th...

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Advanced Golden Angelic Healing

In a Angelic Healing I will connect you with the realms of the Archangels and we will bring their unique healing energy into all aspects of your life, I will be supported by your guardian angel and you will feel nothing but love and peace while I run your healing....

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You don't have much time and you are feeling a little sluggish like something is weighing you down and worries are nagging at your mind. In the course of life humans can be delicate and get thrown out of balance rather easily. Imbalances can build up and magnify each other. I will identi...

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Native American & Purification Rituals

Experience the powerful energy of a Native American clearing and purification ritual to clear your home, office, business of old energies that can prevent you moving forward with your life. I will use the traditional techniques of using white sage and resin...

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Absentee Healing

In a Absentee Healing I will meet you in an energetic realm. You do not need to be physically present with me to receive the healing. This can be done while your are a sleep, laying down in meditation. It may be done over the phone or at a special time set aside and agreed upon ...

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8 months ago
First off I would like to just say how amazing Jay is, He is very welcoming, patient, caring and humble. I had my first healing session (merkabah & chi activation) with him on 18/3/20 and to my amazement I instantly felt a change like a load off my shoulders, I was left feeling uplifted, motivated, inspired, grounded and joyful. over the next several weeks I could notice just how much of a change their has been in my overall life and surroundings it was amazing! However I did feel like I could do with another session as I was still suffering from racing thoughts and anxiety so I went for round 2! this time on 13/04/20 I had the advanced crystal healing session and was just blown away again by the results! my racing thoughts have gone and I can notice a 95% reduction in my anxiety, more to say its definitely manageable without it affecting my day to day. I would highly recommend his services as he is a very genuine and caring guy and will always check up on you even after your sessi...
- Kam K
5 months ago
As a child & adult i suffered at the hands of others raging across all types of abuse, the impact was life changing for me & my brain couldn't cope with it I ended up with 2 long term mental disorders I've done 7years of different types of therapy i learnt different strategies of coping with upset & trauma But one of my personalitys poses a risk with her anger & very bad thinking & actions that sometimes even with all the tools I got from mental health teams I still struggled that was until I found jay online & we connected very well, we did a DUST OFF session with distant healing over the phone I was nervous anxious & abit like it's not going to work! as in the past I have tried meditation but I just couldn't focus fully, But I listened to jay and started to focus and relaxed about 5-10 mins in, during the call it took me back to when I was younger & 1 incident happened I used to see a dark shadow, i never knew what it was I still don't fully! but I never felt scared of it I just s...
- Kerry N
a year ago
Whilst being in Jay's presence, I felt welcome, comfortable and safe. Going into the session, I felt very heavy, lost, under pressure, off track and as though I was living inauthentically and out of alignment with myself... after my healing session, I felt an immediate shift in energy, I felt calm and light which was a feeling I hadn't felt in a long time. The session felt very powerful. Whilst on the copper table, I felt strong energetic waves combined with floating sensations as though the table was moving back and forth... The following day, I felt like i was coming back to higher self, with more clarity, self motivation and a heightened feeling of gratitude etc which I had travelled so far away from... I even noticed small subtle changes in my environment and surroundings and just overall feeling in a much better mood. Following the sessions, I felt like I was realigned and I started witnessing a lot of synchronicity in my daily life. I feel as though the healing session was a ...
- HelloItsDom x

Sacred Healing Temple Space

A Sacred healing temple exploring the ancient & modern teachings of healing practise. I will help bring frequencies from many crystal vibrations. I will connect you with the realms of the Archangels and we will bring their unique divine gifts & healing energy into all aspects of your life.

Therapy Copper Bed: 
Allowing all LightWork sessions to take place on The Therapy Copper Bed helps to enhance and accelerate the frequency, vibrations that's already present. Allowing more light in dense areas & raise vibrations to help the body’s light frequencies flow in harmony for a person that holds significant blockages: heal, balance, clear blockages, be aware of personal truths, and to prepare for Light Body Spiritual Enlightenment experience.

More Information on The Therapy Copper Bed...

Natural Fabric Clothing For Session:
Since the Therapy Copper Bed accelerates the etheric magnetic field, and therefore magnify the body`s exposure to vibrations within the field, unsuitable substances such as metals not allowed. This includes metal bra supports, metal zippers, blended materials, plastics and jewellery. Ensure to wear 100% pure (Cotton, Linen or Wool) which are good materials to wear before arriving to the session.

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